First Semester of College: A Reflection

        College. A high school senior's greatest dream and worst nightmare. Living on your own, choosing your classes, making new friends. It's one of your first real steps into adulthood. Make that a giant leap into adulthood. It's riveting and exciting and scary and daunting.

       For me, college was a fresh start. Sure I had done well in high school- gotten good grades, had a good group of friends- but college was something completely different. A new chance for me to blossom and grow. I was ready to not live with my mom and be able to make my own decisions and life choices.

      But college was a little different than I expected it to be. I have never been as broke, hungry, or lonely as I was during those first few weeks of school. I didn't have a job for the first time since I turned 16; I blew threw all of my money faster than you can say "poor college kid". I didn't have friends at the very start so I did a lot of things alone.  And it was awful. But it was also very  transformative.

       Throughout the semester, I learned how to do things on my own without feeling self conscious. I learned that it's ok to put yourself out there and meet new people. I learned more about myself in those first few weeks than any other time 

       The biggest takeaway that I received from this experience was that everything in life would take so much more effort. And I urge every college student reading this, freshman or senior, to try and make an effort.

  • In Your Relationships- Relationships, whether they be friendly, romantic, or professional, that you made in high school are important, but it's also important to remember that everyone is going their own separate ways. Make an effort to talk to your loved ones as often as you can. You'll realize you need their love and support more than ever. And if your parents call, answer. And if they don't, call them.
  • By Asking for Help- College can be taxing mentally, physically, and emotionally for even the strongest person. Don't forget to ask for help for whatever you need, tutoring, emotional support, or just need someone to listen. You're not in this alone and there are always people that are there for you.
  • In All of your Activities- Strive for amazing grades, only good can come from it. Get involved in everything you love and commit to it.

      I know there are a lot of things I could have done better,  and I hope my sophomore year allows me to grow more. I am beyond thankful for everything my first semester taught me. I am going into my sophomore year smarter, stronger, and ready to learn more.

Tell me how your first semester of college went in the comments below!

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