Stylebook Review

 If you're like me then you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. I can never remember what I wore on what day or what goes with what. And sometimes I forget about half of the clothes that I have so they end up never getting worn. So I recently stumbled upon this amazing app to help me with all of my styling issues. It's called Stylebook and it has completely changed the way I wear my clothes. Stylebook allows you to organize your closet and helps you create outfits all on your phone! This app has helped me so much so I'm going to let you guys know a little bit more about it.

Here are some of the amazing features that this app offers-

  • Fully customizable outfits 
  • Customizable Folders for organization
  • You can pack outfits in a suitcase for trip or vacation
  • Add looks to calendar so you know what day to wear what
  • When you have no idea what to wear, you can add pictures under the Inspiration tab
  • Style experts Q & A

So it's pretty obvious that I love love love this app, but what kind of review would this be if I didn't give you the whole story? Here are some things that I liked and disliked about Stylebook.

Pros (:

  • Easy to use- Once all of your items have been imported into the app the rest is easy. Putting together an outfit takes all of 15 seconds. 
  • Good for busy bodies- Planning outfits can be so time consuming and almost impossible when you're trying to do it while you're not in front of your closet. With Stylebook you can take your closet with you wherever you go and can make down time more productive. 
  • Variety of outfits- Let's throw it back to The Lizzie McGuire Movie that permanently scarred everyone that has repeated an outfit. Stylebook eliminates that by letting you put outfits on the calendar so that you know what you wore and on what day. 
  • Shopping is a breeze- Stylebook is amazing to have while you're out shopping. Want a shirt but think you already have it? Check Stylebook. Trying to find the perfect pants to match a shirt you bought? Check Stylebook. Forgot what size top you wear in a certain brand? Check Stylebook! 
  • Packing made easy- Stylebook has a suitcase feature that allows to plan out all of the outfits you want to wear on vacation. I don't know about you, but to me that sounds like a dream come true. This was honestly one of the biggest selling points for me when deciding to purchase this app. 

Cons ):

  • Importing Closet- This part is hard, tedious, and time consuming. You have to take pictures of each and every item of clothing in your closet including, shoes, jewelry, scarves, etc. 
  • Lighting- When taking pictures of your items you need the perfect lighting or the colors won't come out right. It took me an average of 4 pictures per item to get it just the way I wanted and some still didn't turn out well. 
  • Editing- The editing portion of importing your items is an absolute drag. Once you take a picture of an item, the app automatically edits out what it perceives to be the background. Some pictures come out better than others. If you have pictures where the background isn't completely edited out automatically, you have to manually erase it. The edges won't always be smooth and this process is so so so so time consuming. 
  • Cost- This is a paid app that costs $3.99. For some this might be an immediate turn off, but the app is really worth the price. Because it's paid there are no pesky ads that get in the way of the usage of the app.

Most of the cons come with beginning stages of using Stylebook and importing your closet. Once  you get past that stage, the app is outstanding and one you won't be able to put down. 
Overall this is an amazing app that is worth the price and that I would 10/10 recommend.

Let me know how Stylebook works out for you or if you use a similar app in the comments below!

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