10 Things I Brought to College and Never Used

   I was recently going through all of the things that I brought home when I moved out of my dorm in May and I had one main thought throughout- "Wow, I brought A LOT of stuff." I was looking through things that I didn't even know I'd brought with me! I'm getting ready to move in again (less than a month!) and I know there's a whole bunch of stuff I packed last year that I'm not bringing this year. So here are some of the things that I brought to college and rarely or never touched.

1. Ironing Board

     I really thought I was going to use this. Like I really really thought I was. I bought a mini iron and a cute, patterned mini ironing board for easy storage. And I brought both of them back home still in the package at the end of the year. An ironing board is one of those things that you don't really need to bring because chances are someone in your suite or on your hall will have one. So don't even buy one. Less money, more space in your room. Win win.

2. Can opener

     I don't know who I thought I was bringing a can opener to college with me. How often do I use a can opener at home? Rarely ever. What was I expecting to be eating in college? Chicken noodle soup cans I guess? This is one item that can definitely stay  at the store, especially if you have a meal plan or if your residence hall has a kitchen stocked with appliances like mine did. 

3. Lap Desk 

     There I was. In Bed, Bath, and Beyond surrounded by everything that a college freshman could ever need. And I wanted it all. Including this lap desk. I thought this was going to revolutionize the way I used my laptop in bed. I ended up using it maybe twice, 3 times at the most, all year. And it's not that it wasn't a good product because it was and I loved it when I was using it. It's just that it was one more thing to use when I could simply just put put my laptop on my lap like I had been before. A lap desk is a splurge item. You don't really need it, but if you really want it go for it. But for everyday use, it's something you can leave at the store. 

4. Tool Kit

     Always be prepared, right? Well chances are that your school is prepared and has tools you can use or rent or a service to fix whatever is broken. My tool kit was just a bulky item that collected dust in one of my drawers.

5. My Entire Makeup Collection

     I brought it all. Every single eyeshadow, makeup brush, powder, you name it. All the makeup that I owned was in my tiny, little dorm room. I thought I was going to do my makeup almost everyday and use everything I had. And, again, I wanted to be prepared. What if I had the perfect idea for a makeup look, but left my pigment at home? What if I wanted to wear an eye shadow in a palette I rarely use, but now I can't use it because I decided not to bring it? Yeah, no. This never happened. Honestly most of the time you won't feel like putting on more than mascara- eyeliner if you've got a bit more energy. So this year I'm focusing on condensing the amount of makeup I bring to the products I use the most and leaving the rest of it in my bathroom at home.

6. Clothes I didn't wear at home... but thought I would wear in College

     This was another one that I really thought I was going to use. I thought "hey I didn't wear these clothes while I was at home, but college is full of new experiences and I'll wear them there". I was wrong. I did not wear them there. My biggest packing regret from last year is that I brought so many clothes. So many clothes that I didn't know where to put it all. So those clothes that I never wore at home and then never wore in college will be staying in my closet at home this time. 

7. Silverware

     I bought 2 sets of metal silverware thinking I would just wash them whenever I needed them again. Little did I know how lazy college makes you regarding the simplest things. Cleaning dishes multiple times a week definitely wasn't high on my to-do list. Instead I suggest getting plastic silverware. It's so much easier and there's no clean up involved. Just toss it in the garbage can after you're done. 

8. Clipboard

     In my defense, the clipboard I got was really cute and it went with the color scheme of my room and I had full intentions of using it. But, there's just no use for it in college. It quickly became more of a decorative item than a functional one. It sat on my desk all year and just got in the way. 

9. Desk Accessories

     Okay this one is a little bit of an exception. I used my desk accessories, but I really wish I hadn't. I had paper clip holders, pen holders, a paper holder. Pretty much a holder for every office supply. It was one of those things that seemed like a really good idea, but just didn't end up working out. Maybe if I had more space on my desk or more need for the items it would have worked better. But my advice is to just skip it.

10. Gifts from High School Graduation

     Chance are you got a lot of duplicates. I know I did. I got 3 shampoos, about a million towels, and even more hand sanitizers. You won't need all of it when you go away. But being the person I am, I brought almost everything, just in case ya know? Turns out I needed almost nothing that I brought because of the sheer fact that I had so much. And with these, if you run out of the ones you brought you can still bring the ones you left at home. 

Is there anything you brought to college and regretted? Is there an item you're not sure if you should leave at home or take to school? Let me know in the comments!!

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