3 Black Beauty Influencers You Should Be Following Right Now

     In a world of social media and the ever increasing number of beauty bloggers, influencers, and gurus, it's really hard to sift through them all and find the best ones. The ones that are most relatable, reliable, and down to earth. It can be even harder to find beauty bloggers of color.
     When I first started getting into makeup a few years ago, I went to YouTube. I tried watching videos of vloggers that were a lighter complexion than I am and while it's fun to watch their technique and get their opinions on various brands and products, I always had to take their commentary with a grain of salt. I knew the colors they were using might not look the same on me and may not even show up at all.  So I started looking for influencers more like me and I'm so glad that I did.

 Here are 3 women that inspire me to no end and have changed the way I view the beauty industry. 

Jackie Aina

      I first found Jackie about 2 years ago when I got my first eyeshadow palette, the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basic (majoorrrr throwback). I was pretty new to makeup and I had no clue what I was doing. Jackie was one of the only black women to do a look with this palette. I have watched every one of her videos since then, followed her on every social media account, and have dubbed her my beauty influencer queen. She really is that amazing.
      Jackie is the perfect example of a great beauty influencer. She's honest about the products she reviews and never holds anything back. If there's anything negative about the product you will know. She is so funny, like I truly enjoy watching her videos and could watch her all day. She also has some of the greatest collabs. She's done highlighters, chokers, eye shadow palettes, brushes, you name it. And she's never boring. Even if it's a video I'm not really interested in, I still watch it because I love her. She really makes an effort to make everyone feel welcome and confident, especially girls of color. It also doesn't hurt that her very cute and very British boyfriend, Denis, is in some of the videos.

     (P.S. Jackie and Denis just started a second vlog channel and will be uploading soon!)

Patricia Bright

     I've only just discovered Patricia recently. One of her videos was in the suggestions after I had watched Jackie's new KKW review and clicking on her video was hands down one of the best decisions of my life. She's based in the UK and has a main youtube channel for herself with makeup, fashion, and all around life advice and then she has a second vlog channel that follows her family's life. First off, she has the cutest family in existence. Like so adorable. Her daughter, Grace, is a little over 1 years old and her husband, Mike, is so funny (not to mention handsome).  I mean look at them, tell me they are not a picturesque family.

     Patricia's genuine personality really shows through her videos. I could watch them all day. And she's one of those youtubers that you can trust what they say. Like I truly don't believe that she would support a product that she didn't truly believe in. Watching her family grow has been such a joy. She and Mike really let you into their lives- the good and the bad- and it's really nice to not see them putting up a front for social media. I really love her and I want to be her best friend and I'm pretty sure if you watch her you'll want to be her best friend, too.


     Ellarie has quickly become one of my favorite beauty gurus. Her amazing makeup, her iconic cupid's bow, and her adorable daughter are just some of the things that make her so great. She has a youtube page where she posts full tutorials and her Instagram where she posts fabulous pictures and mini tutorials. Her makeup really is amazing. She does all types of styles and does great work. her cupid's bow is unparalleled. I don't even know how it's genetically possible to have lips that nice, so her lip tutorials are a must-see. Watching her videos has definitely made me buy more than one new lippie. 

     And her daughter! She's actually too cute for words! They do a lot of videos together, mommy daughter tags. Both of their smiles are infectious and will brighten your day. It reminds me a lot of me and my mom and reminds me how important the mother-daughter relationship can be. Ellarie was also a big reason why I was more comfortable going natural. Her daughter has the most beautiful curls and they're so well taken care of and moisturized. I'm so jealous. They make videos for hairstyles for natural hair, and even though they're done on a kid, a lot of them work for older girls. 

All 3 of these women have changed my views of the beauty industry. They taught me so much about what it means to be beautiful inside and out. I can't wait to continue to follow them on their successful journeys.

Who's your favorite beauty influencer? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I'm totally checking these out. I have wasted so much money on make-up that does not compliment my complexion.