How to Make Your Summer Makeup Last Longer

Summer is here! Which means beautiful sunny skies, warm weather, and fabulous vacations. But, summer can also bring a terrible heat wave with unrelenting sun, practically melting your makeup faster than the Wicked Witch in water. Well fear no more, here are some tips and tricks to make your summer looks last, your selfies thrive, and your friends jealous.

1. Primer! Primer! Primer!

Some people may think of primers as one more product for makeup brands to make money off of customers, but let me tell you, it is well worth the money. Primer can add hours to your look! On top of making your makeup last longer, it can also help reduce the visibility of pores and smooth and blur imperfections. A good makeup primer can be hard to find so don't be afraid if the first one you buy doesn't work for your skin type.  Try out different brands and formulas. Here are some drug store and higher end primers that have done wonders for me:

2. Powder before foundation

I know what you're thinking, "Powder before foundation? How does that even work?" but hear me out! Patting a setting powder or face powder into your primer before you apply foundation can help to close pores and make skin less oily. It mattifies your skin and helps prevent shine throughout the day.  This simple step can change your whole look.

3. Pick the right foundation

Everyones skin type is different and the only one that knows all about it is you. Whether you have dry or normal or oily skin, the foundation you choose can be a huge factor in how long your makeup lasts. Mattifying foundations work best for oily skin, while people with dry to normal skin can use foundations that promote a dewy finish. Pick a foundation that best matches the finish you want to achieve.

4. Opt for a BB cream rather than a foundation

Foundations come in all coverages, but even a sheer foundation can be too heavy for the warm summer months. BB creams are tinted moisturizers that are much lighter than foundations. BB creams aim to hydrate, protect, and correct your skin. They are loaded with SPF, antioxidants, and other skin improving ingredients. So while you're wearing makeup and looking glamorous, you're also making your skin better!

5. Opt out of foundation and BB cream all together!

If you want to enjoy a casual day in the sun, try not wearing a base at all. Use the summer to give your skin and pores a break! If you're worried about uneven skin or blemishes just do spot makeup. Concealer and color correcting creams are more than enough to get you through the day. 

6. Scrape off the top layer of your highlighter before you use it

During the summer there is one piece of makeup that you do want to be shiny: your highlighter! But, have you ever noticed that you open a brand spanking new highlighter, ready to upgrade your look and you slide that beautiful shimmer across your face and nothing shows up. How disappointing! What a waste of time putting on layer after layer of highlighter. Well there's a simple fix. Scraping a small layer off of the top of your highlighter can be the difference between graphite and diamond. And you won't have to use as many layers clogging your pores and letting them breathe a little more.

        7. Lightly spray your makeup brush with setting spray                                    before putting on highlighter

Highlighter goes on a very specific place on your face, but when you're sweating and your makeup stats to move the highlighter moves, too. Spraying your brush with setting spray before highlighter application helps hold the highlighter in place.

8. Keep oil blots with you at all times!

If you have oily skin like I do, your makeup starts to get shiny in the all of the wrong places pretty quickly. After an hour or two my T-zone starts looking brighter than the sun. Even if you have dry to normal skin, oil blots can help keep your look matte and fresh throughout the day. Small ones can fit in your purse and even your wallet making them easy to transport.

9. Use setting spray

After you've applied all of your makeup, the last step to do is use a setting spray. Mist your face in X motion and then a T motion to ensure you got all of your face. I've used lower end, drug store setting sprays and they don't do much for me and some of then tend to smell kind of alcohol-y, so this is a one product I would splurge on. And even though it can be a little more expensive, it' definitely worth the money- it makes your makeup last longer and it lasts for a long time because you're only spraying it 4-5 times.

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray $31

I hope these help you step up your makeup game this summer. Let me know how they worked for you in the comments below!

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