July Ipsy Review!

It's ipsy time again! This month's subscription bag came early! The estimated arrival time is the middle of the month, so the 15th or the 16th. This bag came on the 10th like an early present (yay)! And it really was a present. I'm obsessed with pretty much everything in my bag.

 I highly suggest that every makeup lover, beginner or guru, sign up for ipsy.

July's bag is so adorable! It features the ipsy mascot, Gudetama. I don't have very much yellow in my beauty collection so this was a nice, bright change. It's the perfect color for the summer and it perfectly depicts my mood for this entirely too hot month.

First Impression: I'm always a fan of something that has a nice smell, especially citrus, and this chapstick smells so good. I like the packaging as well. It's bright and summery and kind of reminds me of the tropics. Another plus- it has all natural, non GMO, and organic ingredients and is cruelty-free!

Wearing It: Honestly the brand was right in not calling this a 'chapstick' because it's so much better than that. It soooo soft to the touch. It hydrates my lips without feeling oily or too heavy. It's super nourishing and after wearing it almost everyday for about a week, my lips felt noticeably softer. This product is also really affordable. It's sold as a set on the Jersey Shore Cosmetics ranging from $5-$25. I'm for sure going to try other products from this company. 

First Impression: I've heard so many good things about this brand, but I've never tried it. As you can see, the packaging is so pretty. The floral design and on-season colors make these so attractive. It's another product that's perfect for someone with an eye out for summer products. Even without opening the packaging, I could tell that these sheets were full of moisture. Definitely excited to use these.

Wearing It: I was right. These masks were so hydrating and moisturizing! I loved them so much. My skin felt so soft and nourished. Face masks are a skin care product that I expect a lot out of and I definitely got what I was looking for out of this one.  And for $6 a piece, these are a steal!

First Impression: I am not a fan of pencil eyeliner. Ever since I discovered liquid and gel liner, I haven't stopped using them. And every time I use pencil eyeliner it reminds me of those terrible middle school days where I had no clue how to apply makeup but did it anyway. Definitely don't want to go back to that. But, I won't ever rule something out without trying it first. I swatched it and wasn't stunned. And there's a brush on the end that is supposed to be for smudging, but is too soft to even blend eyeshadow.

Wearing It: This pencil is exactly what I expected. Other than the liner having a nice black pigment, there's not many positive things I can say about it. I tried to create a winged look with the liner and it just did not work out. It was messy line and kept getting snagged on my skin. I guess it would have been ok if I cleaned it up a bit, but with a product called "wonderwand", I'd expect less work on my end. It's one of those products that I most likely will never touch again. The most disappointing part of this is the brush. I still have no clue what it's meant for or how it could be used. I'm definitely underwhelmed and this is my least favorite product in the bag. This is an $18 product you can pass on.

First Impression: I'm also not a fan of pencil eyebrow products. There's something about the feel of a brush and the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade that just make filling in my eyebrows my favorite part of my makeup routine. I feel like a gel gives me more control, but again I'm never one to not try a product. The swatch was pretty pigmented, but I was afraid it wouldn't show up on my skin tone, as I've had that problem with brow products before.

Wearing It: I am a changed woman. I am in love with the pencil. Actually in love. Like I cannot stop using this pencil. I thought it wouldn't show up, but it's the perfect shade for me. It has the right amount of darkness without being too harsh and the right amount of brown without being too light. I have not picked up my ABH pomade in days! This pencil gives me the perfect amount of control to make those teeny hair strokes that make filling in your eyebrows look more natural. Also, it doesn't move. I sweat a lot, plus my skin is naturally oily, so a few minutes in the sun and my makeup is slipping and sliding everywhere. Out of all of my makeup, this stayed put the best and pretty much didn't move at all. I would recommend this to anyone in a heart beat!

First Impression: I've used OFRA products before and I've loved them so I'm sure this eyeshadow will be no different. The color in the pan didn't excite me too much. I have others with similar colors to this, so unless this astounds me with the color payoff, it probably won't be one of my go-to's. The swatch wasn't what I was expecting. It was darker and prettier than I initially thought. 

Wearing It: Like I said before, I wasn't blown away by this eyeshadow. It was really pretty on my eyelid, but it wasn't anything I hadn't seen before. And for $15 it's not something I would buy on its own. If you don't have any colors like this and buy it, I recommend doubling it as a highlighter to get more bang for you buck!

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