June Ipsy Review!

Of everything in 2017, the best thing that I have found is the ipsy bag. ipsy is a personalized monthly makeup and beauty sample subscription package. For $10 a month, you receive a cute makeup bag and 4-5 samples from popular and upcoming beauty brands. And it's the perfect sample subscription because it caters to your beauty preferences. You set your specific preferences like hair color and type, skin color and type, and brands that you're interested in and then you are sent a personalized package with a mix of samples every month. 

First let's discuss this bag! It is the cutest! It's so modern yet it feels retro. It's the perfect size for traveling, or something to stick in your purse to touch up your makeup while you're on the go.

Beauty For Real

I-LINE 24-7 Eyeliner - 24 Karat

First Impression: In all honesty I didn't even look at the name of the color and assumed it was going to be black and I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the cap to find a gold pencil. It swatched beautifully. It is so creamy and so pigmented. It's also budge proof. I swatched it on the back of my hand and after about 5 seconds I tried to wiped it off with my hand and it did not move, it was jus as shiny and pigmented as when I first put it on. After swatching it I could not wait to wear it. 

Wearing It: I love this eyeliner. I used in on my waterline for a look the other day and it slid on beautifully. It stayed on for hours without smudging or running. This is a beautiful gold color and I can't wait to try more colors from this brand.


Chia 5-in-1 Defining Curl Cream

First Impression: The packaging and wrapping of products is something I really pay attention to. I immediately loved this little purple bottle. I was underwhelmed with the smell of the actual cream. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't anything special and the only way I could think of describing it is that it smells exactly like you would expect a basic hair cream to smell.

Wearing It: I have mixed feelings about this curl cream. Pros- it hydrated my hair for a bit; my curls are more defined than they would have been without the cream. Cons- you can't buy it online without going through a long process so who even knows how much this costs; my hair didn't stay hydrated for as long as I wanted or feel as soft as I wanted after it dried; my hair didn't have any extra shine as the bottle claims. All in all I'm going to try it a few more times and see if this is a hair product that needs to be worn often to have the full effect, but this not something I would spend my own money on until I see significant results.

NYX Professional Makeup

Whipped Lip & Cheek Soufflé- Cocoa Bean

First Impression: This product smells like heaven. If I was on a diet this would make me want to quit. It smells like chocolate and warm vanilla and dessert. It is amazing. The NYX website describes this as a nude brown, but it's hard for me to trust website descriptions because they usually end up looking different on my skin tone. After swatching I definitely wouldn't consider this brown. On brown skin it shows up as more of a pinkish nude with a little bit of shimmer. This made me a little more excited to wear this as a cheek color.

Wearing It: If you do have darker skin, you are definitely going to need a lip liner as most nudes do. If you want full coverage with this product you're going to need to apply 2-3 layers. As a blush, this barely registered on my skin tone. It did leave a faint flush on my cheek that was pretty, but if I was going for a blush I personally would choose a different color. This applied really smoothly and I am looking forward to trying this product in different colors. It's a teeny bottle for it to regularly be $6, but I do feel that it's worth the price.

Trust Fund Beauty

Nail Polish- Game Changer

First Impression: As soon as I pulled this out of the box (and shout out to Trust Fund for the cutest most summery box!) I thought "whoa, this is bright". Definitely not a color I would choose for myself, but I'm always happy to step a little bit outside of my comfort zone. And I also looooove Trust Fund Beauty's lip glosses so I've been waiting to try more of their products.

Wearing It: I was right. Definitely not a color I would buy myself. After a few days of wearing it, I decided it was just a little too bright for my liking. The formula is a little on the watery side so it was hard to control the polish while painting my nails. The color is the main reason I wouldn't wear this again, but I do want to try others! But if you're looking for a new nail polish with a bold summer color, I recommend this one!

P.S. Here's the link to their Blame Game Lip Gloss that I can't keep my hands off of!

City Color Cosmetics

Shimmer Shadow- Beach Cottage

First Impression: I immediately fell in love with this color. It's a shimmery blue green with gold undertones that is perfect for summer. This product was probably what I was most excited about. And then I swatched it. It was a little more lackluster than I expected and it took more product than I wanted to get a good swatch, but nonetheless I was still really excited to try it. 

Wearing It: While this color didn't pick up as well as I hoped with a finger swatch, it was sooooo much better using  brush. I can't get over how pretty this color is! I definitely recommend using an eyeshadow primer when using this, especially on small spaces of the eye. It takes a few swipes on your eye to register the full color, but once it does it's a really beautiful color. This is another product I want to try in more colors.

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