2018: Goals and Resolutions

Happy New Year!!! This is my first blog post in a very very long time. Too long of a time. But, there will be more posts to come about how my first semester of my sophomore year ended and my blog hiatus. A new post has been long overdue, and today was just the perfect day to get back into blogging. 

New Year's Day is on a Monday this year, so what better way to get started on your goals and resolutions. My goals are separated into 4 parts: blog, school, financial, and personal. I'm not going to bore you with my entire list, but just a few from each category that I feel are pretty important!


1. Blog at least once a month
I know this doesn't seem like a lot, but after not blogging for four months, it's a lot.

2. Revamp my blog
This includes revamping my website and social media outlets. After taking a break from blogging, I'm looking at it with fresh eyes and a few changes need to made to reflect who I am now. I also want to increase my following on Instagram and my pageviews on here.


1. Maintain my grades
I don't want to give too much away yet because I have a blog post in the works for my progress in school, but I did really well this semester grade wise and I just want to keep that up. Grades aren't everything, but they are a big part of college and they can open so many doors.

2. Get job for 2018-2019 year
Another sneak peak at a future blog post, but I changed my major this semester! So, next year I would love to get a job more aligned with my future career goals. Hopefully in the Admissions Office at State or a Social Media or Communications specialist in one of the various organizations we have on campus.


1. Open credit card and start establishing credit 
This is probably the most adult goal I have on my list. This year I'll be turning 20, so I guess that means I need to start adulting, as much as I don't want to yet.

2. Start to monetize blog
Of course I don't blog for the hope of becoming rich of it or there would be ads everywhere on my page. But, since I do plan on putting a lot of energy into this, it's nice to have a goal to have my hard work pay off. I mean who doesn't want to earn money from their hobby?


1. Be serious and intentional about self care
This includes everything from taking mental health days to (controlled) retail therapy to just taking a break. I want to make sure that what I am doing in order to take care of myself isn't just procrastinating on doing things because they make me anxious, but making sure that self-care is restorative and reflective. It's asking myself what I can do to better next time and how to prevent it from happening rather than just avoiding it.

2. Be unapologetically me at all times
This semester has pushed me to my breaking point multiple times and I have definitely felt the repercussions of the stress. Sometimes I would find myself apologizing for things that I definitely didn't need to be sorry for or dimming myself to preserve others feelings too often. This year what you see is what you get, what is me is what you get.

So those are just a few of my goals and aspirations for 2018. A little boring, yes, but I really want 2018 to be about growth, health, well-being, and happiness.I would love to hear some of your New Year's resolutions in the comments below! If you're having some trouble coming up with some, or just want to spice up your list this year, use the template I provided below! It's a fun out of the box way to have goals this year, but not your everyday goals.

As always thank you so much for reading and sticking with me while I wasn't posting. It means a lot the views on my posts were still going up while I was away. ♥︎

Don't forget to tell me your goals for the new year in the comments below!

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